4 x 15″ 48 Spoke Wire Wheel Kit (Silver Painted)

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4 x 15″ 48 Spoke Silver Painted Wire Wheel Kit

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4″ x  15″ Tubeless silver painted wire wheel conversion kit

Suitable for Triumph TR2, TR3 and TR3A


This was the original size wire wheel for Triumph TR2, TR3 and TR3A (and fits in the spare wheel compartment).

You can fit various other wheels on a TR2-3A, the most common is the 4.5 x 15″ 60 spoke (XW452SKIT).


Wire wheel kit consist of:

4x    Silver painted wire wheels – 4 x 15″ (48 Spoke) XW450S-TL

4x    TR hub adaptors

4x    Chrome spinners (choice of plain 2-eared or plain octagonal)

– Octagonal Triumph logo spinners, 2-eared Triumph logo spinners or 3-eared spinners also available at extra cost

16x   Fixing nuts


Looking for a spare (fifth) wheel? We also have individual wheels available – see XW450S-TL


If you are converting from steel wheels to wire wheels (on a Triumph TR) for the first time you will need to reduce the length of the wheel studs to prevent the studs catching the back of the wheels.

Alternatively you can fit a 6mm wheel spacer (see 217602S) behind the hub adaptor, this is a popular option allowing you to easily revert back to steel wheels if required.


Rim Size 4″ x 15″
Centre 42mm Curly
Click here for a guide to identifying hub sizes
Number of Spokes 48
Finish Silver-painted, also available in Chrome
Lacing Outer – this wheel is laced to the outer part of the rim only and so does not require a rim band
Inset (mm) 19
Back Spacing (mm) 83 (+/- 3)
Click here for an explanation of inset, outset and back spacing.
Tubed/Tubeless? Tubeless
Warranty Two year structural and one year cosmetic
Notes None


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Model of Car

TR2, TR3, TR3A


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